About the journal

The preliminary license for publishing the Iranian Journal of Biomedical Law and Ethics (IJBMLE) was issued in 2017 by the Publications Commission of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Taking a multidisciplinary approach towards legal and ethical challenges posed by biomedical sciences and technologies in the context of modern human life, the journal provides a forum for the analyses, thoughts, and solutions of experts and scholars in response to the aforementioned challenges.

This journal as two quarterly, is published in electronic form, in Persian, and every two years in English. All esteemed scholars, theoreticians, and scientists are kindly invited to submit their articles to the electronic system of the journal. Papers shall be in full compliance with the writing guidelines of the journal. After a thorough review and in case of approval by peer referees, papers will be put in queue for publication. Needless to say that failure to comply with the rules in writing the papers will result in the rejection or prolongation of the publication process.